The Quadrant
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The Laughing Horse is back at the Brighton Fringe in 2018! All the best comedy at this years Fringe festival can be seen at The Quadrant, from family friendly matinees to late night satire. If you can't decide who to see first, come to our nightly Pick of the Fringe and see a selection of the best acts, it can sell out though so book your seat now.




Quadrant Listings

Dates, times and prices for all of this years shows.

Laughing Horse

Comedy promoters Laughing Horse curate all the Quadrant shows during Brighton Fringe. Check out some of the other shows and venues they're involved with on their website.

Brighton Fringe

The Quadrant might be the best venue at Brighton Fringe, but we're not the only one. With hundreds of shows across the city there's a lot to pack in.